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Inside St. Vincent's Church
Inside St. Vincent's Church
Svetvinčenat, or as the locals call it, Savičenta is a village, once a small town in Istria's central part. The place got its name from the benedictine Saint Vincent Abbey that was located here in the middle ages - its memory is still preserved by St. Vincent's Church, standing in the town cemetery, generously decorated with medieval frescoes.

The spacial structure of the settlement is somewhat unusual - the former Morosini-Grimani Castle with the field area north of it is occupies a large area surrounded by houses. The main square is also an interesting sight in itself - aside from the unique renaissance castle the facing side, too, has a couple of houses with renaissance elements. Also, the well on the square is one of the oldest ones in Istria.

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The northern side of the Morosini-Grimani Castle
The northern side of the Morosini-Grimani Castle

2014/09/29 21:07
Hello CPSBoss,
and thank you for leaving your thoughts. First, let me assure you that I'm not mad.

The reason for listing Murter, Krk (along with Fazana and Oprtalj) events on the right side is that with the main season going out the events section of the CroaRiva site hasn't been updated - just a matter of time to add some new upcoming events.

Things that are related to Svetvincenat proper are found behind the links on the top left menu of this site. Links and things on the right side of the page may not relate to the area - they are from the umbrella site, CroaRiva.com.

Hopefully, one day this site about Svetvincenat will be complete with local businesses - for your viewing pleasure.

Janos B.

2014/09/29 13:46
I came here to find out about restaurants in Savicenta. There doesn't seem to be any useful information on local businesses here. When I clicked on one mentioned on the right it turned out to be in a completely different part of the world !
I see there are events listed 'in and around' Savicenta....Crikvenica, Murter, Krk ????? Are you mad ?

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